Our Philanthropy

Domestic Violence Awareness

At Alpha Chi Omega, our philanthropic cause is Domestic Violence Awareness. We host two main events per year and encourage participation from the entire campus community. The majority of our proceeds are donated to the Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse, while the other portion goes to the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, dedicated to the support and education of Domestic Violence Awareness, and prevention.

Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi

In the month of October, we host Pizza Pie with Alpha Chi where we open up our house to the University of Arizona community for pizza, music, and philanthropy. This past fall, we raised over $26,000 for our cause! 

Kickin' It

In the Spring semester, we host Kickin' It With

Alpha Chi. This event invites student-created teams to participate in a friendly kickball tournament.The winner receives a catered dinner with the women of our chapter! This past March, we raised $4,000 for our cause.